About Us


Our Journey

We're a husband-and-wife team with a passion for capturing dramatic landscapes in vivid, bold colors. We also love showing a different side of the landscape through impressionistic and abstract images.

We taught ourselves photography in preparation for a trip-of-a-lifetime to Antarctica and have been hooked on this art form ever since.

We now travel the US full-time in an RV, capturing the amazing scenery around us.


Philippe Tulula

Originally from France, I have been living in the US for quite some time.
My dad was a painter, specializing in abstract and very colorful art. Though I did not inherit his brush skills, I share his love for the abstract and a bold, colorful palette, and am drawn to these themes in my photography .


Julie Alexander

My love of art was reignited when I moved to the US from England nearly a decade ago. I was extremely fortunate to have been given a wonderful opportunity to explore my creative abilities and the joy of painting in oils by a new friend, and this artistic journey later developed into a passion for photography. I love nothing more than to capture the beauty and drama of the natural world, especially when this is found in unusual places.